A simple DNS hook that lets Dehydrated talk to the PowerDNS API.
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A simple DNS hook that lets Dehydrated talk to the PowerDNS API.



Add the settings for your PowerDNS API to Dehydrated's config (in /etc/dehydrated or /usr/local/etc/dehydrated), or a config file next to pdns_api.sh:

PDNS_HOST=ns0.example.com # API Host. Can also be a URL, eg: http://ns0.example.com:8081
PDNS_PORT=8081            # Optional. Defaults to 8081
PDNS_KEY=secret           # API key
PDNS_SERVER=localhost     # Optional. Server for the API to use, usually `localhost`
PDNS_VERSION=1            # Optional. API version, 0 for anything under PowerDNS 4
PDNS_WAIT=300             # Optional. Delay for when slaves are slow
PDNS_ZONES_TXT=zones.txt  # Optional. File containing zones to use (see below).
PDNS_NO_NOTIFY=yes        # Optional. Disable sending a notification after updating the zone.
PDNS_SUFFIX=v.example.com # Optional. When using a dedicated validation zone via CNAME redirection
PDNS_CURL_OPTS="-k"       # Optional. Pass some options to curl
                          #   CURL_OPTS variable will be used if PDNS_CURL_OPTS undefined
                          #   To ignore CURL_OPTS you could set PDNS_CURL_OPTS to empty string

Configure the DNS hook by adding the following to your Dehydrated config:


Nested zones and subdomains are supported. These zones should be detected automatically, but can be overridden by creating a file called zones.txt in /etc/dehydrated, /usr/local/etc/dehydrated or next to pdns_api.sh with the zones:


These zones can be added in any order.

Incrementing the zone's serial

PowerDNS can automatically increment the serial in the SOA record with the SOA-EDIT metadata entry. pdns_api.sh can show and edit this entry. Usage:

pdns_api.sh soa_edit <zone> [soa-edit] [soa-edit-api]