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Silke dbffe6b1d2 Migrate to travis-ci.com 2 days ago
Silke 1ff7c8b1c5 Authenticate to Docker in CI 2 days ago
Silke 1dc5679b21 Add bash 5.1 to CI config 2 weeks ago
Silke ec8b29eaad Read zones into a Bash array instead of string 2 weeks ago
Silke 90ecc657ae Fix various shellcheck issues 2 weeks ago
Silke 54a7deee66 Update CI shellcheck paths 2 weeks ago
Silke 4d1ae628c5 Add tests for multiple zones retrieved from API 2 weeks ago
Silke 2491b15fbb Add fixture support to tests/curl 2 weeks ago
Silke c517063ab1 Fix Bash 4.0 compatibility 9 months ago
Silke 6b06035038 Skip all multiple zone tests on Bash 4.{1,2,3} 9 months ago
Silke fea1455874 Fix compatibility with older Bash versions 9 months ago
Silke a372a19525 Extend CI bash versions 9 months ago
Silke 0eabe94fa7 Default to a non-existing config file for tests 9 months ago
Silke 3c7b37ffac Move main debugging to after the setup 9 months ago
Silke 652c18ab70 Add test cases for wildcard records without a * 9 months ago
Silke 02059de295 Fix V1 Zone tests 9 months ago
Silke Hofstra f1252ef5c5
Merge pull request #28 from qoreQyaS/master 10 months ago
edo 5801dad54d
Respect CURL_OPTS variable (#26) 10 months ago
Grewe, Sven 367b3401c9 [ADD] deploy_cert hook handler 1 year ago
Silke 2b3c8b9f1e Add more detailed debug output 2 years ago
Silke 64df07654c Fix and cleanup fatal errors 2 years ago
Silke f21f489a42 Set Content-Type header in requests 2 years ago
Silke 0ee8b6051f Add test for soa_edit command 2 years ago
Silke 0c17f9aa7e Change SOA-EDIT-API fallback value to DEFAULT 2 years ago
Silke 5426532865 Fix soa_edit command 2 years ago
Silke 8bbe03b857 Update link to SOA-EDIT documentation 2 years ago
Silke bf578ef761 Add build status badge 3 years ago
Silke f5468bf3b8 Add default test config 3 years ago
Silke bcbf097c7c Add Travis config 3 years ago
Silke 8a5e332ff4 Implement and add tests 3 years ago
Armin F. Gnosa eca54ff929 Add parameter PDNS_SUFFIX for CNAME redirection support (#22) 2 years ago
Silke b890b4d9b5 Document disabling of notify and fix default PORT 3 years ago
Silke 0a6109e77b Add PDNS_NO_NOTIFY to disable sending a notification 3 years ago
Silke aba9c6a9e9 Make PDNS_PORT actually optional 3 years ago
BohwaZ 6bcbb62200 Handle config coming from CONFIG_D directory (#21) 3 years ago
Silke 66c10e6425 Improve cURL error handling 3 years ago
Silke 5059ef29e6 Allow PDNS_HOST to be a URL 3 years ago
Silke 879b6af3fa Update licence to EUPL v1.2 3 years ago
Silke Hofstra cec594af91
Merge pull request #17 from qvr/multiple-records-in-rrset 3 years ago
Matti Hiljanen 612faf9b84 Allow multiple tokens for single name 3 years ago
Silke Hofstra 2ae32e11d4
Merge pull request #15 from qvr/ignore-unknown-hooks 3 years ago
Matti Hiljanen c5ae2150bc
Ignore unknown hooks 3 years ago
Chris Pritchard 1db6e23309 implemented support for wildcard domains in preperation for ACMEv2 (#11) 3 years ago
Silke a12082aee0 Fix two minor errors 4 years ago
Silke Hofstra 03849f2f75
Merge pull request #14 from jangrewe/patch-1 3 years ago
Jan Grewe 665609558c
Force NOTIFY after updating records 3 years ago
Silke b190d44209 Merge pull request #10 from willyhun/exit_hook 4 years ago
Laszlo Kupor 0846e0607d Fix typos and prevent splitting and globbing 4 years ago
Laszlo Kupor e7811ed33c Add exit_hook configuration option 4 years ago
Silke bfe85b0cfa Add interface to show/edit SOA-EDIT 4 years ago