Service for managing and receiving Alertmanager alerts
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Service for sending alerts from the Alertmanager webhook to a Matrix room and managing Alertmanager.


The service is configured either through command line arguments or environment variables. With the provided systemd service file (alertmanager_matrix.service), the configuration is done in /etc/default/alertmanager_matrix as follows:


See alertmanager_matrix -help for all possible arguments.

Configure Alertmanager with a webhook to this service:

- name: matrix
  - url: "http://localhost:4051/<room_id>"

When the -rooms option is provided the bot will join the listed rooms and only allow commands from these rooms. The service will not automatically join the room given in a webhook.

The icons and colors can be configured by providing a JSON file. The defaults are:

	"alert":       "🔔️",
	"information": "ℹ️",
	"warning":     "⚠️",
	"critical":    "🚨",
	"ok":          "✅",
	"silenced":    "🔕"
	"alert":       "black",
	"information": "blue",
	"warning":     "orange",
	"critical":    "red",
	"ok":          "green",
	"silenced":    "gray"