Simple Ruby-based LVM defragmenter
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LVM Defragmenter


This lvm defragmenter is a simple program. It has the following command line options:

Usage: lvmdefrag.rb [options]
    -i, --input FILE                 Input file with `pvdisplay -m` output
    -o, --output FILE                Output bash file with `pvmove` commands.
    -e, --execute                    Execute lvm commands
    -d, --device NAME                Device for which to execute, does nothing when an input file is given
    -h, --help                       Show this help

While it is possible to run this script directly, it is not recommended. The recommended usage is as follows:

sudo pvdisplay -m /dev/sdX > pvdisplay.out
./lvmdefrag.rb -i pvdisplay.out -o
# Check yourself if the moves seem sane
sudo sh

If you trust this script, you can do the above as follows:

sudo ./lvmdefrag.rb -e -d /dev/sdX


The script works by creating a mapping where physical extents are to where they should go. It then moves them by repeating two actions, until the disk has been defragmented:

  1. Move physical extents to the free space where they belong.
  2. Move unmoved physical extents to free space where nothing belongs.

This should defragment an entire disk.